Saturday, November 15, 2008

Our new Kroger!

Today, our new Kroger store opened. Eric has been really excited all week and couldn't wait for the store to open. So we actually got up at a normal time, ate breakfast and went on an outing to Kroger (along with the rest of Clinton). It was PACKED! The new store is just a little closer to our house, but a WHOLE lot bigger. It is 80,000 ft²... 30,000 ft² larger than our old one. We now have a full-line bakery, a sushi bar and a much larger deli. The frozen food section is twice as big as that of the old store, which makes room for more Bluebell flavor options :) There is also a drive-thru pharmacy, so I transferred my prescriptions there from Walgreens (sorry Chris!). But we get 50 points on our Kroger gas discount for every Rx we get filled there (100 points=1 tank of gas at 10¢ off per gallon). So that pretty much sold us on transferring them. One other big thing is the parking lot. The old store had a HORRIBLE parking lot! The new store has at least double... maybe even triple the parking. So it will be much easier to get in and out! Here are a few pictures from our outing this morning:

The front of our new store

A drive-thru pharmacy!

A whole lot of spaghetti sauce...
I guess at least we have some options now!

We enjoyed roaming up and down the international food aisle.
Scandinavian? Really?

Kosher? Yay... now we can eat biblically... or at least Jewishly.

My excited hubby enjoying the store!

This is a really large section of specialty olives...
who knew there were so many kinds?!?

Awesome chips!

These looked good (but we didn't buy them).
I took this picture for Sara... thought she might like them.

This is what they said when we left... after spending $189!
(I liked the packaging on this)