Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Luke, Miriam holding Micah, Cameron & Levi

Cute Micah face

Micah & me

Levi Bevi

Miriam's smile :)

Cheetos fingers

Micah's ghetto face

Luke & Micah sliding

Me & Eric on the slide

Cameron posing on the pole

Sara sliding

Luke on the hippo

Levi sliding

Micah on the train with Mommy

Miriam on the train

Luke on the train

Sara & Luke on the train

Scary faces in the tunnel (Micah's face is priceless)

Eric's scary face in the tunnel

Pwincess Weia (as Miriam says it)

Going Trick-or-Treating as the Star Wars Clan
Levi as a jedi in training, Miriam as Princess Leia, Micah as an Ewok,
Luke as Luke Skywalker, and Cameron as Darth Vader

Micah's cute Ewok face