Thursday, November 6, 2008

My visit with MawMaw

My grandmother (MawMaw) has alzheimer's and is at a facility in Houston (actually Sugarland). I haven't seen MawMaw since last Christmas. And since we were in Houston this week, I wanted to go over to see her. So, UR and I drove over there to visit her. When we got there, we couldn't find her anywhere. It seems that she likes to roam around and then she'll just go take a nap in someone else's room other than her own. UR and I walked around for about 10 minutes looking for her, but we didn't want to just barge in every room and disturb other people. So we enlisted some of the workers there to help us in the search. About 15 minutes later, we finally found her in someone's room asleep. It took awhile for us to get her up. Of course, she didn't know who either of us were. We told her our names and UR told her I was her granddaughter, Ricky's daughter. But I don't think she really has any concept of what that means. Anyway, we walked outside with her to let her get some fresh air (it was a beautiful day) and to take some pictures. We visited for awhile... I tried to talk to her and show her pictures of the kids (her great-grandchildren). But I don't think she really understands pictures. It's also interesting how she talks... it's like she's having a normal conversation with you (with inflection and all), but the sentences she forms don't make any sense. Ex: I said to her "It's a pretty day" and she said something like "yeah, it the clouds and come and rain to be there good." I guess at least she had some 'weather' words in there. It's just a sad disease. And it's pretty tough to see someone you love go through it. But it was good to see her even though she's not really "MawMaw" anymore. I think about her a lot this time of year... especially since Thanksgiving is soon. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner was our special time together. I miss her.


Candi said...

me too :(

Zelda said...

Thanks for visiting are a sweetie.