Monday, November 10, 2008

Eric's Birthday Surprise

Friday was Eric's birthday. Because we were in Houston, I wanted to try to do something special for him. He really loves music, especially operas. Unfortunately, there weren't any operas that weekend at the HGO. So I looked around at some other sites and found that the Houston Symphony was having a performance of one of Schubert's Masses. I thought it would be interesting, especially since the Mass also featured the Symphony Chorus. So Uncle Randy and Aunt Pam were able to get us tickets (THANKS UR & AP!). UR gave me the tickets on Wednesday and I put them in my purse (trying to hide them from Eric). I did pretty good until Friday morning (on his birthday) he saw them in my purse. Well, at least it was already his birthday! So that morning, we finished off the WFX conference. Then went over to the Houston Center (a little mall in downtown) and ate lunch. After lunch, I bought Eric a birthday cookie (one of the double doozies) from the Great American Cookie Company. I felt bad that I couldn't make him a cake so I had to do something. (Maybe I'll make him a cake this week). After that we drove up to IKEA and walked around. Then around 5 pm, we went back downtown to eat dinner at The Fish (a sushi restaurant recommended by Lauren). It was really nice. After dinner, we drove down to Jones Hall for the Symphony. We had a great night (albeit we were pretty tired)... especially since our day started at 5:15 am and ended around 11:00 pm. But I think he had a pretty good birthday :) Here are some pictures from the day:

Eric eating his birthday cookie

Almost gone...

Sign at entrance to Jones Hall

Our tickets

Eric waiting on the symphony to begin

Eric & I waiting (don't ask me why my smile is retarded)

Symphony and Chorus

A tired birthday boy (at intermission)

Eric & I at intermission


Amy Shelby said...

Cute post! Glad you had a good time on your trip. What's up with Eric's gum chewing in the video??:)
`Lots of Love~

Zelda said... found the tickets in Laura's purse?? A women purse is almost sacred...:)

Anonymous said...

Almost being the key word. She asks me to get stuff for her out of her purse all the time when she's driving. It wasn't my fault the tickets were right next to her case where she keeps her lip