Thursday, June 4, 2009

Party Pics from Levi & Micah's party

Here are a few pictures from Levi & Micah's
birthday party last Saturday.

Levi NOT blowing out his candle...
I think he was just mesmerized by it.
I ended up helping him a little bit.

Micah licking her lips...
or making a pucker face b/c of the lemon icing.

Micah finally digging into her cake.

About as messy as she got...

Sara with her little friends... Hannah and Miriam.

Levi opening his present from Eric & me.

Levi's name stool

A tired Levi Bevi...

Cameron helping to open Levi's presents...
since he was too tired.

Princess Miriam

Cute cheesy smile


Miriam & Aunt Sara

The birthday girl

The birthday boy

Miriam & Micah

Levi & Miriam sitting on Levi's new name stool


I realized at the end of the day that I didn't get any pictures of Cameron (except the one of him helping to open Levi's presents). I took this one of Luke close to the end of the day because I realized I hadn't taken any of him either. They are always too busy playing.


Candi said...

They are always too busy playing and we're always too tired...from staying up till midnight working on cakes & stuff...LOL!

It's a good thing we have multiple shooters at our parties...I think we had 5 at this one.