Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goodbye LSU!

Today is officially my last day at LSU. It has been a very fulfilling 10 1/2 years working there (2 years as a student worker and 8 1/2 years full-time). I have worked under 3 different managers and with hundreds of different people. My first few years included working (and living) with my older sister Candi, just 1 cube over. I learned a lot from her about HTML and Lotus Notes. People always wondered how we could work together and live together, but we're just close that way. Then in 2003, she left me to have all my nephews and nieces, which was just fine with me... you know I wouldn't trade those kids for anything! Then in 2006, my younger sister, Sara, started working in our office. It was fun to have a good friend at work again. We lived together too, just like Candi & I did. Those were fun times! Then of course, I got married in December of 2007 and moved to Mississippi. Since then, I have been very blessed to be able to continue working (via telecommuting) for LSU. Thanks to my great manager, Robin, who always fought for my job! But as of 4:30 pm, I am no longer employed by the great Louisiana State University... Geaux Tigers! I hope that Sara will continue the "Stanford" legacy at LSU. FYI... My mom worked at LSU for about 25 years.

I am looking forward to what God has planned for me in my new job, as well as my duties as a wife and mother (in the near future hopefully!).


Amy said...

I know it is a little sad for you today but continue to trust the Lord to guide your steps and be content in the circumstances he has placed you in. He has and will continue to bless Him as you trust and follow Him!

Candi said...

It's making me cry...don't really know why...must be hormones!

So what's your new job? Is it official yet?

Zelda said...

Yes...got to be hormones???? B/C I cried also. But, remember there are no endings-only new beginnings.