Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Experiencing parenthood on our 1 year anniversary

This week Eric & I are taking care of Miriam, Levi & Micah while Candi, Craig, Luke & Cameron are in Atlanta for the LSU game. We've been having a good time so far. There hasn't been any problem with the so-called "trouble-makers" (I hope I didn't just jinx it though) and Micah has been eating just fine... her baby food AND bottles. She even held her own bottle today.

Miriam napping on the way home yesterday...
with her sunglasses on her head.

Miriam and Levi

Miriam after her bath last night

Levi eating his quesadilla at lunch

Uncle Eric feeding Micah eating her lunch

Micah eating her fruit

Miriam drinking her lemonade

Micah enjoying her bottle

Micah holding her own bottle

Levi hogging the balls


Candi said...

Thanks for the update! Mommy appreciates it :)